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 Guidelines for DVD Assessment

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PostSubject: Guidelines for DVD Assessment   Guidelines for DVD Assessment I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 12:51 pm

Active IQ Video/DVD Assessment Procedures

Active IQ recognises there are occasions when video assessment is an effective method of formative and summative assessment.

Active IQ strongly recommends the candidate performs a lighting and sound quality check, prior to recording the entire session for assessment.

After recording is complete, the candidate should watch the entire film to ensure all guidelines have been followed and assessment criterion have been met.

Videos/DVDs will be assessed using the guidelines stated below.

Videos/DVDs that do not meet the requirements below may not be accepted and written feedback, clearly detailing the areas for development must be provided to the candidate.

Guidelines for submitting Video/DVD evidence

 Candidates must gain approval directly from their training provider prior to submissions of work for assessment.
 All assessment criterion must be met in accordance with the Candidate Achievement Record (CAR).
 Videos/DVDs must be clearly labelled with the full name of the candidate and the date and time the session was recorded.
 The video must be presented on VHS cassette tape or DVD in either PAL or NTSC format.
 The assessment must be recorded in one take. Any videos that have been edited will be automatically referred.
 The video must only contain footage of the candidate’s entire session.
 The candidate and all participants must be in camera shot throughout the whole assessment allowing for the assessor to see the candidate coaching and communicating at all times.
 The candidate and participants must be clearly heard at all times. If it is not possible to hear the candidate and participants clearly the video will be referred.
 The camera person must remain silent at all times.
 The assessment must be conducted in an appropriate environment.
 The centre must hold securely all videos/DVDs until Internal and External Verification has taken place, upon which the videos/DVDs must be destroyed by the centre.
 For the Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Physical Activity to Children qualification, the candidate must gain written consent from the parent/guardian of every participant. The written consent form is in the Candidate Achievement Record (CAR).
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Guidelines for DVD Assessment
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