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 What is an NVQ?

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What is an NVQ? Empty
PostSubject: What is an NVQ?   What is an NVQ? I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 12:38 pm

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ's) are work-related, competence-based
qualifications. They reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively, and show
that a candidate is competent in the area of work the NVQ framework represents.
NVQ's are based on national occupational standards. These standards are statements of
performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to
be able to do. They cover all the main aspects of an occupation, including current best
practice, the ability to adapt to future requirements and the knowledge and understanding
that underpin competent performance.
Within reason, NVQ's do not have to be completed in a specified amount of time. They can
be taken by full-time employees or by school and college Candidates with a work placement
or part-time job that enables them to develop the appropriate skills. There are no age limits
and no special entry requirements.
While NVQ's technically stipulate no time limit, within reason, it is worth bearing in mind
that setting time targets and limits is usually an important part of achieving goals of any
sort. It is not helpful to drift aimlessly towards qualification 'one day' or 'sometime in the
future', which under such vague circumstances often never actually comes. Also it is helpful
to avoid potential confusion for candidate and assessment alike resulting from NVQ job
'standards' being reviewed and changed prior to completion, which they are apt to do if
qualification achievement takes an inordinately long time. The best idea is to set and agree
clear achievable and staged time targets.
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What is an NVQ?
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