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 Assessment of each individual unit

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Assessment of each individual unit Empty
PostSubject: Assessment of each individual unit   Assessment of each individual unit I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 12:46 pm

Assessment of each Individual Unit
Unit 1 – Assessment

Page 3 of the CAR

This unit is assessed by a multiple-choice theory paper which is set and marked by Active IQ. (This forms the external assessment requirement of the qualification).

Your line manager can be nominated to invigilate this exam procedure. Forward their names and contact details to . They will be contacted and provided with the exam paper and details of exam conditions.
Unit 2 – Assessment
Pages 4 - 5
This unit is assessed by the following:
Internally assessed standardised worksheet provided by Active IQ
Health and Safety Planning Document (Session Introduction) - page 4
Par Q Screening form- page 5
Holistic Assessment Guidance
The following evidence required for Unit 2 and Unit 3 does not need to be duplicated:
Health and Safety Planning Document (Session Introduction) - page 4
Par Q Screening form – page 5
Therefore the same evidence can be used to assess each unit.
Unit 3 – Assessment

Pages 4 - 10
This unit is assessed by the following:

Internally Assessed Portfolio of Evidence to include:
• Risk Assessment
• Par Q Screening
• Session Plans
• Session Evaluation
• Incident Report Form

Unit 4 – Assessment
Pages 11 – 14
Conclude & review a physical activity session for children
Unit 5 – Reflective Practice Worksheet
Pages 15 - 17
Standardised proforma documentation is provided by Active IQ and can be found in the CAR.
Internally Assessed direct observation of candidate teaching a session marked against standardised observation checklist provided by Active IQ. Candidates must teach the required minimum number of children, depending on the age group:

Under 5s – 6 children minimum
5 – 11 year olds – 8 children minimum

There must be a maximum of 26 children in the session and the ratio of adults to children should reflect the recommended practice.
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Assessment of each individual unit
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