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 Assessment Appeals Policy

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PostSubject: Assessment Appeals Policy   Assessment Appeals Policy I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 12:33 pm

This organisation is committed to ensuring that whenever its staff assesses candidates’ work for an Active IQ qualification; this will be done fairly, consistently and in accordance with the specification for the qualification concerned.
Candidates’ work should be produced and authenticated according to the requirements of Active IQ.
Assessments will be conducted by staff with appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills. Where work is divided between staff, consistency will be assured by internal verification and standardisation. If a candidate believes that this may not have happened in relation to his/her work, he/she may make use of this assessment appealsprocedure.
Appeals may be made against the assessment processes and the assessment outcome.
Appeals should be made as soon as possible and within two weeks of the assessment.
In the first instance, the candidate should appeal informally to the assessor. The
assessor should respond to the appeal within two weeks. In the event that no satisfactory outcome is reached a written appeal should be made within four weeks of the initial appeal, to the Active IQ Centre Contact who will investigate. A written acknowledgement of the appeal must be given.
If the Centre Contact was directly involved in the assessment in question, or is unable to conduct the investigation for any other reason, he/she will appoint another member of staff of similar or greater seniority to conduct the investigation.
The person conducting the investigation will decide whether the process used for the internal assessment conformed with the requirements of Active IQ. This will be done within two weeks of the written appeal.
The result of the appeal will be made known in writing to the parties concerned,
together with any correspondence with Active IQ, any changes made to the assessment of the piece of work in question and any changes made for the future.
A written record of the appeal will be kept and made available to Active IQ at their
request. Should the appeal bring any significant irregularity to light, Active IQ will be informed. After work has been assessed and internally verified it is externally verified by Active IQ to ensure consistency between approved Active IQ centres. External verification may change the assessment decision made internally but that is outside the control of the approved centre and is not covered by this procedure.
Details of the appeals procedure for Active IQ are available in the Active IQ Guidance for Centres document AIQ000480.
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Assessment Appeals Policy
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